Which services does the Hamburg Shortfilm Agency’s online sales database offer?
Here you have the possibility to look up short films and inquire about rights of use worldwide. If you are accredited with us you can watch all our films online in full length. Furthermore, we are happy to give you film suggestions. Just contact us personally about what you are looking for and you will find the suggestions as part of your profile the next time you log in.

Who can use the online sales database?
The Hamburg Shortfilm Agency’s online sales database is intended for professional use only. It is a service offered to film distributors and buyers for TV, theatrical distribution, educational institutions and of internet, in-flight, closed circuit and mobile phone content rights, etc.

How do I get a password to use all the services of the online database?
Please send an e-mail to sales(at)shortfilm.com or give us a call at +49-40- 39 10 63 19. Your contacts are Anna Leimbrinck and Stine Wangler.

What are the terms and conditions for the rights of use for these films?
All license fees vary, depending on the kind and duration of use as well as on territories and on whether exclusive or non-exclusive rights are licensed.

Who is buying from our catalogue?
Concentrating on selling short films to TV stations, we are regularly selling them to Arte, Canal+, SRF, RTI Mediaset, HBO Europe, NBC Italia, SVT, YLE, and many more. In the search to find appropriate ways of selling shorts on the Internet, we have some of our shorts on iTunes, realeyz, Feelmakers, and onlinefilm.org.

How does my film get into your catalogue?
Most of the films for our catalogue we find at film festivals. However, it is also possible to send a password protected screening link to sales@shortfilm.com.

How many new films do you take into your catalogue within a year?
On average we take about 15 to 20 new films into our catalogue yearly.

At which festivals can I meet you?
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival, Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Encounters Bristol Short Film and Animation Film Festival, Nordisk Panorama, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, etc.