March 2019

New film from the Berlinale in our catalogue
Our new short film in the sales catalogue just celebrated its premiere in the Berlinale Generation Program: In “She-Pack" (2018, Norway, 18'10 min.) by Fanny Ovesen a girl celebrates her birthday with her friends in the swimming pool. The pink disco light is reflected in the blue of the water, it seems to become an exuberant party. Then Thea hands outsider Ronja a glass in which is the spit of all her friends. She didn't have to drink it, it was just a game. A game in which rules are changed or completely reinvented.

The sales department on festivals
Stine Wangler (Sales) will be at the Tampere Film Festival in Finland from the 7th to 10th of March.

February 2019

New film in our catalogue
New in the sales catalogue is Empreintes (2018, Switzerland, 16'04 min.) by Jasmin Gordon: In rural France, a strange man meets three young people hanging around on the edge of a football pitch. After two rounds of beer, the man invites the boys to get in his car with him. Can they trust him?

The sales department on festivals
Daniela Conrad (Sales) will be in Clermont-Ferrand from the 2nd to 8th of February and at the Berlinale from the 10th to the 13th.
Anna Leimbrinck (Sales) will be in Clermont-Ferrand from the 2nd to 7th of February and at the Berlinale from 9th to 12th.

January 2019

New film in our catalogue
Our New Year film in the sales catalogue is Intrusion (2018, Australia, 05'07 min.) by Ming-Zhu Hii, who won the award for best experimental film at the LA Shorts International Film Festival and which plays in the fashion industry. Fashion editor Marion enters a photographic studio to direct a shoot. A traumatic event has occurred the night before, the details of which are fragmented and unclear.

01.October 2016

New films in our catalogue
We are happy to announce two new films in our catalogue this month:
In The Committee (Sweden, Finland, Norway 2016, 15’00 Min) by Gunhild Enger and Jenni Toivoniemi three delegates from Sweden, Norway and Finland have gathered in Lapland to decide on an art piece, which is to be placed where the three borders meet geographically. But the committee is in for a surprise. Instead of a sculpture, the commissioned artist presents his idea of a “Nordic Dance”. The delegates are faced with the true challenges of a democratic decision-making process. The film celebrated it‘s debut recently in Locarno.
The second film is an animation by Marta Gennari and Giulia Matrinelli and is called „Merlot“ (Italy 2016, 05’40 Min). In a blue fairy-tale forest, a grumpy granny loses a bottle of wine. This event will give rise to a crescendo of linked events: consequently establishing a dialogue, a funny repartee between frames and characters, which will lead to an unexpected development.

Apart from those two films, we also added the following movies to our catalogue during the past months:
„Stampede – A Stamped Circus Story” (Franz Winzentsen / Tobias Sandberger, Germany, 2016, 7’00 Min)
Home Leave – From an Astronaut´s Sketchbook (Franz Winzentsen, Germany, 2016, 14’10 Min)
Rakastan Annaa („I love Anna“, Joonas Rutanen, Finland, 2016, 11’00 Min)
Import (Ena Sendijarević, Netherlands, 2016, 16’55 Min)
Fight on a Swedish Beach (Simon Vahlne, Sweden, 2016, 14’48 Min)
Halko (Teemu Nikki, Finland, 2016, 7’10 Min)
Berlin Metanoia (Erik Schmitt, Germany, 2016, 15’10 Min)
Willi gibt es wirklich (Matthias Wittkuhn, Germany, 2015, 5’00 Min)
Greener Grass (Jocelyn DeBoer / Dawn Luebbe, USA, 2015, 14’54 Min)

The sales department on festivals
Stine Wangler is at the KHM Showcase in Cologne from 5th to the 6th of October. Later this month from 17th to 23rd October she will attend the ImagineNative Film & Media Arts Festivals in Toronto, where she will be part of the jury.

26. April 2016

New Acquistion from Clermont-Ferrand
This month we can announce that the film Greener Grass (USA, 2015) is in our catalogue. The film by and with Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe is a dark comedy of manners. The soccer moms Jill and Lisa seek the approval of their “friends” - at all costs. This surreal world is just on the edge of consciousness; suburbia through the looking glass. Every adult wears painful braces on their straight teeth, couples coordinate meticulously pressed outfits, and coveted family members become pawns in this competition for acceptance. Greener Grass explores one’s willingness to endure present pain in exchange for future validation - or at least a perfect smile.

The film was selected for the Lab Competition in Clermont-Ferrand this year where it won the Canal+ Award. Since then it has had a very succesful festival run in the US so far and was selected for SXSW.

The sales department on festivals
Stine Wangler is at the Festival de Cannes from 13th to the 18th of May.

30. March 2016

The Moustachesuccessful in Tampere!
Viikset (The Moustache) didn't only get the „Diploma of Merit“ (within the National Competition) in Tampere, it more importantly also won the big Risto Jarva Award by the Finnish Film Foundation, which includes 10.000 €. Congratulations Anni Oja.

1. March 2016

This month we can announce three more films in our sales catalogue
Onni [The Joy of Everyday Life] (Finland, 2014) by Sanna Liljander shows the everyday life of a mother and her young children. Oh Joy? Well, that is on you to decide.
In the Distance by Florian Grolig (Germany 2015) is all about the great pictures and the point of view. Above the clouds the world seems calm and peaceful. But chaos lurks in the distance and each night, it draws closer.
Ten Meter Tower Ten Meter Tower (Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertyck; Sweden 2016) just had its international premiere at the Berlin Film Festival within the Shorts Competition. The setting: a 10 meter diving tower. People who have never been up there before have to chose whether to jump or climb down. The situation in itself highlights a dilemma: to weigh the instinctive fear of taking the step out against the humiliation of having to climb down. Ten Meter Tower is an entertaining study of the human in a vulnerable position.

We are happy to announce that two of our newest films just convinced the Jury of the International Competition in Clermont Ferrand. The Bathtub won the Special Jury Award and In the Distance won the nomination for the European Film Award. Congratulation to Tim Ellrich and Florian Grolig.

The sales department on festivals
Stine Wangler is part of the Jury for the Scottish Competition of the Glasgow Short Film Festival. She will attend the Festival from the 18th to the 21st of March.

1. February 2016

Three new films in our catalogue
Two of our new films are quite humorous:
For Milky way is our galaxy (Finland 2014) by Olli Ilpo Salonen there is just one thing to say about: Sometimes a trip to the mall is more than a trip to the mall.

The Bathtub (Tim Ellrich, Germany/Austria 2015) shows three adult brothers in a bathtub, who try to dive back into their childhood through an old family picture. One bathtub – three brothers – many splashes! An entertaining depiction of brotherhood that will also be shown within the International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand.

The third new film is Lukas & the Aspies (Denmark 2015, 25’41 min by Andreas Gustafsson). It is all about 12-year-old Lukas, in many ways, a normal kid. He plays in a punk band, hangs out with his friends and fights with his kid brother. But Lukas also has Asperger's Syndrome and therefore has his own set of problems. The film manages well in capturing the perspective of Lukas and thus enables the viewer to have a lot of empathy for him.

The sales department on festivals
Anna Leimbrinck and Stine Wangler are attending the Internationale Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand from the 5th to the 12th of February. Just after that we will be at the Berlin Film Festival from the 13th to the 17th of February.

6. Januar 2016

Two new shortfilms in our Catalogue
The Moustache (Finland 2015, 3:37 min) by Anni Oja is a puppet animation with moustaches as a main element to depict masculinity: The town doesn't seem to be big enough for these two men. Nor their moustaches.

The other new film is Un creux dans mon coeur (A Hole in my Heart, Netherlands 2015, 9 min) by Mees Peijnenburg. It is a portrait of 19-year-old Henri, who excludes himself from any emotional relationship with its environment. Not only due to the black and white pictures, the film develops an intense atmosphere, through which the emotions of the main character are easily transmitted to the viewer.

26. November 2015

A fresh British comedy in our catalogue!
We are happy to now have the British Animation The Lady and the Fly (GB 2015, 7 min) by Mick Bunnage and Jon Link in our catalogue: an emotionally charged and lavish six-minute animation with the epic sweep of a classic romantic melodrama. In this groundbreaking tale of inter-species heartbreak, a lovestruck fly falls for the woman of his dreams, only to find himself bound in a web of his own deluded nightmare.

29. Oktober 2015

This month we are happy to announce two new films in our catalogue
Sthorzina (Romania 2014, 23’50 min) by Radu Mihai is about two boys, each wishing for something that the other boy has, in a world that has erased the boundaries between good and evil and blended childhood and maturity into one eternal age.

The Face of Ukraine: Casting Oksana Baiul (Australia 2014, 8 min) by Kitty Green is the second new film to announce this month. The film shows a casting were, adorned in pink sequins, little girls from across a divided, war-torn Ukraine audition to play the role of Olympic champion figure skater Oksana Baiul, whose tears of joy once united their troubled country. Also the girls show some tears whereby acted and honest tears blur the line.

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
Anna Leimbrinck is attending the festival from the 5th to the 8th of November.
Helsinki Short Film Festival
Stine will be in the Jury at the Helsinki Short Film Festival, taking place from 11th to 14th of November.

07. September 2015

Encoutners Bristol Short Film and Animation Festival
Anna will be in Bristol from 16th to 19th of September. Two films of our catalogue are running withing the International Competition: Excursie by Adrian Sitaru and Seven Times a Day We Complain about Our Fate and at Night We Get Up to Avoid Our Dreams by Susann Maria Hempel.
Nordisk Panorama
Stine will attend Nordisk Panorama in Malmö from 19th until the 22nd of September.

01. September 2015

Three new short films that very differently deal with the topic Coming-Of-Age.
In Superior (USA, 2015) by Erin Vassilopoulos a stranger passing through town sparks a teenage girl’s desire to distinguish herself from her identical twin sister. Superior premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year.

In Mother Virgin No More (Türkei, 2015) by Derya Durmaz, a truth reveals within a flickering white florescent light that puts the relationship between a well carring mother and her teenage daughter to a test. After her film Ziazan, which we acquired last year, we are happy to also distribute her next film.

Our third new film within the catalogue is Hot Nasty Teen (Schweden, 2015) by Jens Assur. Having a duration of 40 minutes, it is one of the longest films we've ever taken into our catalogue and it is worth every minute: A teenage girl is filmed through a basic video camera. She is asked by a faceless male voice to dance, to undress. Two months later she travels through the snow-covered northern Sweden with an older man. She soon wants to go home, he insists they carry on. After all, they have a few visits left to make. Hot Nasty Teen premiere in Clermont-Ferrand this year.