Everything goes around in circles. Five people, one living room. Outside, on the street, cars are set on fire and from the kitchen there comes no nice smell. Only after the wine has been spilled, the issue with the dark matter is solved and already long ago nobody is expecting food anymore, the music is turned up. You need to suffer in order to be beautiful. Open-mouth surgery, hell is always oneself. In the orbit of always the same, always the similar, always the other. Humans, words, things.

Original title: Was wahrscheinlich passiert wäre, wäre ich nicht Zuhause geblieben
Director: Willy Hans
Cinematography: Paul Spengemann
Production: Willy Hans, Karsten Krause
Editor: Willy Hans
Cast: Anne Rohde, Hauke Heumann, Felix Maria Zeppeneld, Victoria Schulz, Rabea Schubert, Anthoula Bourna
Script: Willy Hans
Dialogue: German

Int. Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, German Online Competition

Venice Film Festival
Hof Int. Film Festival
Int. Kurzfilmtage Winterhur
Cork Int. Film Festival