Two parallel lives, seen in the mirror, each wishing for something that the other boy has, in a world that has erased the boundaries between good and evil and blended childhood and maturity into one eternal age.

Director: Radu Mihai
Cinematography: Tudor Mircea
Production: Dan Burlac
Editor: Eugen Kelemen
Cast: Ana Ciontea, Serban Pavlu, Nebosja Glogovac Uloga, Remus Märgineanu, Pavle Cemerikic, Andrei Rotaru
Script: Radu Mihai
Others: Sound: Milan Simovski
Dialogue: Romanian
Licensed territory: Worldwide except Romania, Moldova and Serbia
Themes: Family, Violence, War

Clermont-Ferrand Int. Short Film Festival
Vilnius Int. Film Festival
DaKino Int. Film Festival Bucharest Filmacaravan Italy
Curtas Vila do Conde
Arkadia Short Fest Romania
Maramure Int. Film Festival

Leuven Int. Short Film Festival