Three friends are training for a synchronised swimming competition, executing rhythmic turns in the water in the same unison with which they bully other girls in the changing room. Yet beneath the surface, turmoil is brewing. Gestures and glances exchanged in atmospheric scenes gradually condense into a narrative of intrigue and jealousy, the young athletes‘ forced competition-ready smiles starkly emblematic of their friendships.

Original title: Onderhuids
Director: Emma Branderhorst
Cinematography: Michel Rosendaal
Production: Eva Schaaf; Patou ten Cate
Music: Leonard Kluen, Tom Schipper
Editor: Tessel de Vries
Cast: Isis Braam; Yentl Meijer; Nisrine Aghrab Miou
Script: Janna Grosfeld
Others: Costume Design: Emma Postma; Viv Puype
Dialogue: Dutch
Licensed territory: Worldwide

Berlinale – Berlin Int. Film Festival
Brussels Short Film Festival

Fiction Wildcard - Netherlands Film Fund