A sunny sunday afternoon in Zurich.
In the middle of a busy square a businessman lies on a bench, apparently asleep. In a bus a teenager thirsts for approval. A commuter fights with a ticket machine.
The film shows ten situations of the everyday life in the city as static tableaus. The people see themselves confronted with bigger and smaller problems, everyone of them a Sisyphus, rolling the small rocks of everyday life up the hill.

Original title: Menschen am Samstag
Director: Jonas Ulrich
Cinematography: Andi Widmer
Production: Nicole Boner
Music: Moritz Widrig, Janos Mijnsen
Editor: Jonas Ulrich
Script: Jonas Ulrich
Dialogue: without dialogue
Clearance of minors: 0 years
Licensed territory: Worldwide except Switzerland

Locarno Film Festival
Internationale KurzīŦlmtage Winterthur