Forced to migrate for work, Georgios has travelled to Scotland from Greece. A ghost in a foreign land, he digs peat for food and board on Bronte and William’s rundown highland croft. Trapped within a forced intimacy, Georgios discovers the stark difference between his disappearance and disintegration.

Original title: As He Lay Falling
Director: Ian Waugh
Cinematography: Julian Schwanitz
Production: Richard Warden, Jim Webster
Editor: Ian Waugh
Cast: Christopher Greco, Simone Lahbib, Bill Fellows
Script: Ian Waugh
Others: Sound: Design Douglas MacDougall
Dialogue: English
Licensed territory: Worldwide except UK and Ireland

Edinburgh Int. Film Festival
Int. Short Film Festival in Drama Inverness Film Festival
Stockholm Int. Film Festival
Aesthetica Short Film Festival

Special Mention, Reykjavik Int. Film Festival
Special Mention, Int. Short Film Festival of Cyprus