A shared apartment: Octopus, Turtle and Fur Seals plus Fur Seal Jr. share their apartment and everyday life with each other. The kitchen and corridor are the scenes of small things in common and big mean things. In its ten short episodes, the miniseries exemplifies what makes living in a shared apartment as endearing as it is torturous.

1. The New Ones 3'58 min
2. Nort Sea - Baltic Sea 3'25 min
3. Anchovies 2,57 min
4.Fish Market 1'48 min
5. Principally Speaking 3'10 min
6. Home Alone 1'45 min
7. Algae 2'26 min
8. Who Was in My Room? 4'25 min
9. At Night in Front of the Toilet 3'12 min
10. A Good Match 4'49 min

Original title: Wer war zuletzt am K├╝hlschrank?
Cinematography: Tom Otte
Production: Karsten Kraus
Music: Nils Kacirek
Editor: Karsten Kraus
Cast: Anneke Kim Sarnau, Janis Zaurins, Daniel Nocke, Hans S├╝tterlin, Gregor Stockmann, Kathrin Albers, Henning Thomas
Script: Daniel Nocke
Dialogue: German
Licensed territory: Worldwide