Hired to shoot a tourism campaign in Sweden, American photographer Nick accidentally steps into an ongoing culture war the small town is engulfed in — a confusing conflict of tacos, yoga poses and Americana car-culture. Nick decides to try and set things right with the help of her camera.

Original title: My Gig in Sweden
Director: Simon Vahlne
Cinematography: Maximilien Van Aertryck
Production: Fredrik Lange
Music: Jorge Alcaide, Maria Cronholm, Göteborgs Alternativa Orkester, Sebastian Lundberg, Lisa Mattsson
Editor: Stefan Sundlöf
Cast: Josephine Kylén Collins, Ulf Ahlberg, Jonas Carlberg, Lisa Pedersen, Rebecca Halling, Lena Magnusson, Tommy Magnusson, Ria Andersson, Jennie Landahl, Olle Borgman
Script: Simon Vahlne
Others: Sound: David Kuuse
Dialogue: English, Swedish
Licensed territory: Worldwide except Sweden

Pöff Shorts

Gothenburg Int. Film Festival
TV / VOD - Sveriges Television, SVT Play