Match Factor is a story about the power the prejudices and the strength of trust. Ahmed, a young football player from Iraq comes to Berlin to participate in the Fifa Charity Match. When he disappears from his hotel, a search for him is mounted as a possible case of defection. Brigitte, a young policewoman is on patrol duty when she comes across him.

"Match Factor" is realized as one of the three nominees for BERLIN TODAY AWARD 2008. The Berlin Today Award is initiated and funded by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH supported and sponsored by the film industry of Berlin & Brandenburg featured by Deutsche Welle, DW-TV and organized by boxfish films.

Original title: Match Factor
Director: Maheen Zia
Cinematography: Jörg Jeshel
Production: zero fiction, Martin Hagemann, Daniel Saltzwedel
Editor: Daniela Boch
Cast: Anneke Kim Sarnau, Navid Akhavan
Script: Maheen Zia
Dialogue: German, English
Licensed territory: Worldwide

Berlinale Talent Campus, nominated for Berlin Today Award

Winner of the Berlin Today Award