In "Ma mère et moi" we embark on a road trip with mother and daughter. The 17-year-old Kees tries to break away from her mother and attends a language course in Marseille. It is a film about parting and letting go, told from a very personal perspective.

Original title: Ma mère et moi
Director: Emma Branderhorst
Cinematography: Daan Bukman
Production: Maaike Neve, Joram Willink, Piet-Harm Sterk
Music: Jorrit Kleijnen, Jacob Meijer
Editor: Tessel de Vries
Cast: Celeste Holsheimer, Hannah van Lunteren
Script: Nena van Driel, Emma Branderhorst
Dialogue: English, French, Dutch

Berlinale – Berlin Int. Film Festival