Robert is living in Betty’s apartment, Betty in real life. While Betty pursues her work every day, Robert accumulates food, like an animal preparing for winter. Betty, willing to guide Robert to meaningful activity, tries to place him in the company she is working for. But Robert evaporates.

Original title: Hetschenpetsch
Director: Astrid Rieger
Cinematography: Mark Liedtke
Production: Astrid Rieger
Editor: Astrid Rieger, Ronald Scharf
Cast: Achim Schauffele, Marion Gretchen Schmitz, Michael Dreher
Script: Astrid Rieger, Bernd Thiele
Others: Sound: Benedikt Rauterberg; Art Director: Gregor Mager; Costume: Daniela Bayer; Masker: Mercedes Wagner
Dialogue: without dialogue
Licensed territory: Worldwide

International Short Film Festival
Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt Kurzfilmfunk Hamburg-Berlin
Molodist - Kyiv International Film Festival
Exground Filmfest Wiesbaden