The star role in this short is entitled to the “th”. This is a satirical depiction not only of the English language but also of the role of the USA in the discussion about global warming.

Original title: Devil may care
Director: Volker Heymann
Cinematography: Alex Biber
Production: Volker Heymann
Music: Lorenz Schimpf
Editor: Alex Biber
Cast: Volker Heymann
Script: Volker Heymann
Dialogue: English
Licensed territory: Worldwide

Trés Court Int. Film Festival
The Int. Festival Sarajevo „Sarajevo Winter“
Filums Int. Film Festival
Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
Cluj Shorts Int. Short Film Festival
Int. Short Film Festival of India
LA.Meko – Int. Short Film Festival Landau
Corti a Ponte Int. Short Film Festival
Int. Film Festival of Lanzarote Backup_Festival Weimar
Toyama Int. Film Festival
Int. Short Film Festival Detmold
FMK Int. Short Film Festival
Indianapolis Int. Film Festival
Shorts at Moonlight Kurzfilmfestival Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt
Int. Kansk Video Festival
Arouca Film Festival
Seoul Int. Extreme-Short Image&Film Festival
Videonale Berlin
Bayreuther Filmfest „Kontrast“

Hof International Film Festival
Madurai Int. Documentary and Short Film Festival
The Hague Streaming Festival for Audio and Visual Art

3rd prize, Zum Goldenen Hirsch Festival
Diploma, Festival of Nations