While the youth of Chemnitz are looking for their way into adulthood, the former
GDR industrial metropolis is struggling to guide them along their way.

Chemnitz used to be an East German industrial metropolis and for the young
people the path to adulthood was usually well defined - they obtained their
training and sometimes remained in the same company for decades. These
certainties no longer exist. Nowadays, the young generation in their early
twenties has big dreams and all the possibilities, at least in theory - but they also
have parents who experienced the exact opposite back in their twenties. So it’s
very easy for both generations to feel misunderstood. Chemnitz is no longer the
industrial metropolis it once was. Chemnitz is something in-between and if it
realized this fact, the young generation could be its future.

Original title: Chemkids
Cinematography: Philipp Schaeffer
Production: Leon Harms
Music: Selma Juhran
Editor: Viola Pröttel
Others: Voice Over: Selma Juhran
Dialogue: German
Licensed territory: Worldwide

CAMERIMAGE Official Documentary Short Film Competition

Clermont-Ferrand ISFF International Competition
Max Ophüls MOP Shortlist
KURZSUECHTIG Film Festival Leipzig
Dresden International Filmfestival
Fünf Seen Film Festival

Special Mention, Kurzsüchtig Film Festival Leipzig