If the work won’t come to us we’ll just have to go out and find work. A collective drives up and down the motorway in their run-down minibus checking motorist’s oil, repairing brake lights or brightening up portaloos. And what do you know, people are actually happy to pay them for their services. But their harmonious team wotk comes to an abrupt end when their leader. falls for a hitchhiker and decides to give her a lift in their car – “for nothing“...

"Bus" is part of the short film reel "Mach doch, was du willst" (“Do Whatever You Want”), the result of a short film competition which was organized by the Federal Cultural Foundation in collaboration with the Hamburg Short Film Agency and ZDF/ARTE in spring 2006.

Original title: Bus
Cinematography: Steph Ketelhut
Production: Martin Roelly, Lale Nalpantoglu, Jens Schillmöller GbR, le:forel enterprises
Music: Gerrit Lucas
Editor: Benjamin Ikes
Cast: Michael Schreiner, Elke Bludau, Ulrike Prager, Christoph Ortmann, Dimitri Tellis, Martin Müller, Jürgen Rissmann, Steffi Mühlhan, Claus-Dieter Clausnitzer, Philipp Neubauer
Script: Jens Schillmöller, Lale Nalpantoglu
Others: Light: Jens Georg Kremer, Jan Kretschmer, Anke Hense
Dialogue: German
Licensed territory: Worldwide
Themes: Adventures, Humour, Work

Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin